Our Brand



Zafirahs Collection was born out of a need for high quality, modern, modest clothing for young women. Founded by a young Muslim woman to fulfill the demand of quality, stylish modest wear at affordable prices her dream is to provide options for her community and empower other women.


                 EMPOWERING WOMEN.

Our goal is to create a community and a clothing brand that has endless styling options for women. A haven of modest wear and her go-to boutique to feel empowered, feel authentic within herself , and beautiful in her modest attire. Our goal has always been to design pieces that are thoughtfully curated for a modest woman's needs. We believe women should never have to choose between style and modesty, and at Zafirahs Collection she can rely on our products and excellent customer service . As a community we will thrive to be the best and offer good quality clothing and always affordable.


Zafirahs Collection is the new upcoming modest clothing brand giving women a chance to show their modest fashion in a classy way created by Zafirah Plezant Mubarak.

Searching for the best modest pieces and sleek jewelry designs, Zafirah became frustrated with the lack of options available and couldn’t find anything that offered the right material, modesty look, and a community of a clothing brand that really connects with its customers. This led her to design and curate pieces of her own to help women have a bigger choice of clothing to choose from within each launch. This has always been a dream of Zafirahs and she will soon come out with a podcast, books, and a Zafirahscollection magazine to share her story, create a community for all women , and behind the scenes of her designed clothing pieces. Zafirahscollection is Zafirahs answer to modesty that actually is true to its name. Designed to fit every woman no matter what race or religion! 

Zafirah is a Influencer, Youtube Personality, CEO, Wife , Blogger, and a Healthcare Business Woman. She has been in Healthcare for 7+ years now. Zafirah has also been sketching clothing designs since middle school. She is furthering her education in getting her Masters in becoming a Physician Assistant in Dermatology. Another one of Zafirahs dreams is to have a cosmetic line. She loves cats , reading good books , cooking , designing/sketching clothes , writing,  trying new beauty/skincare products, traveling , taking care of her patients, and speaking/empowering women !